Monday, April 28, 2014


Karl Tingle

There is a country music song titled "I’m Here For The Party". At times the reason we have no power and there is no downpour is we are at church for the party. In Mathew 7 Jesus said, “Not all people that sound religious are really godly. They refer to me as Lord but they still won’t enter the kingdom.” Jesus is saying that some people have religion i.e. are here for the party,” not a relationship with Him. We know this because 
1) they are not obedient to His wishes. If you knew Me, Jesus said, you would do as I ask. 2) They are not producing fruit. I love the staff I work with because they are producing fruit. They are helping people come closer to the Lord. They are striving to win people to Jesus. They have a Christ like attitude. Jesus also speaks of the byproduct of obedience that a relationship with Him brings. “Anyone who obeys me is wise. They are like a person who builds their house on a solid rock.” Jesus promises stability to everyone who is obedient to Him. If you and I want the fire to fall on our lives we must be obedient. 

Jesus, I pray that we as a church will have a relationship with you and not just have a religious look.

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