Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Spencer Moreau

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:10

"I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose."

A few months ago on February 14-15, I attended the Passion Conference in Houston with a few other college students from Casa View. It was an incredible conference where God spoke to me in so many ways. On that Saturday morning, Beth Moore walked up to the stage and talked about unity in Christ. She said that there is a good fight, and an evil fight in our churches today, and so many of us in America are stuck in the evil fight. This is a fight against ourselves, disagreeing with one another over small details that most of the time doesn’t even matter. This fight does not bring unity among us, which is not what Christ has for us. See, we are all saved by grace through faith because of Jesus Christ. He took our place on the cross and we took His place counted as righteous. So what do we have to disagree about? We are all saved by Jesus Christ, which should bring celebration, worship, and unity, not disagreement. In this scripture passage, we are called to unity among ourselves. To join together as one church and fight the good fight of faith. To take the next step moving forward in the life of our church in order to reach people for Christ.

Father, thank You for Your powerful love. I pray that You bring strong unity to Casa View Baptist Church. Break my heart of anything that doesn’t honor You, and help me to be a follower of Christ that fights the good fight of faith. In Jesus Name, Amen

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