Friday, May 9, 2014

A True Reflection

Karl Tingle

Posted on April 14, 2009 by prayerchallenge
When you look at yourself in the mirror what will you see? You will see a reflection of your image if the conditions are correct. At times we see in the mirror a distortion due to inadequate conditions. At times the image is distorted due to dirt or fog on the surface of the glass. At the fair we can look at our reflection through bent or distorted surface. They can be funny; they make our reflection appear longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter, the ones I run from. In 2 Kings 22 the people have a distorted image of themselves, because of a distorted reflection of themselves. The Pharisees missed recognizing Jesus because of the same reason. OFTEN PERSONAL OR COPERATE REVIVAL NEVER HAPPENS FOR THE SAME REASON. What is the reason? We see ourselves and what we do through our own mirror which is distorted by the world, sin, and self will. Instead we should look through the lens of the Word of God. The people in 2 Kings are people who had left God’s word. It was not until the Word was found and read that Josiah realized the extent the nation had departed from God.

The Lesson. If you want revival and a down pouring of God’s presence it requires that we look at ourselves through the lens of God’s Word. Lord Help us to focus on your Word, that we may see clearly our need for you.

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