Saturday, May 17, 2014

Defining Moments

Karl Tingle

Life is filled with defining moments. Decisions we make that either propel us forward or send us rolling back.  My prayer for you today is that you pray about the moments. The following is a partial list of Israel’s early defining moments.

-Captivity; Defined a need for a savior.
-Calling of Moses; God sending a leader.
-Moses returns with God’s Power AND Direction; One man was faithful to God’s call.
-Plagues unleashed concluding with the Passover; God demonstrated His sovereignty.
-Red sea crossing; Walking through seeing the walls of water on both sides what faith.
-Wilderness crossing; learning to trust God.
-Ten Commandments; God’s plan for living.
-Water from the Rock and Manna to eat; God’s provision.
-Spies sent out; How can we accomplish this?
-New Land was exactly as God promised, what would they do?
-Congregation voted not to enter the land God promised; reason: it was too hard “The saddest day.”
-People return to the wilderness; the out come of faithless living.

Lessons We Can Learn
1. God has a plan
2. God’s plan is not easy
3. God’s plan takes faith
4. If we do not follow God’s plan someone else will.

The rest of the story. When the last person that refused to enter died, their children entered into the Promised Land. Today, we as a church are at the edge of the next step towards Gods Promised Land. God has led us, the question is “will we follow through?”

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